Housekeeper – Perfect option for people that do not have time for the daily housework. Your Housekeeper will take care of your children, your home, your shopping, ironing and the daily chores. This will allow you save some time for yourself or the people around you, after the long working day or to have some time for yourself even if you are not at work.

Hourly Mother’s Help – We offer you hourly childcare services whenever you need. If you need anyone to help you for a longer period for any part of the day you should choose this service. We will choose for you the most appropriate candidate according to your requirements and needs. Our candidates will be always on time to take care of your child and leave your home only after your approval. You could choose this service for two, three, or more hours for one or several days a week. All our candidates are carefully checked and we have full data files of them. We vouch for them and for the attitude towards you child.

Part-Time Nanny – If you urgently need to go somewhere or your working hours do not allow you to get your child from school, when you want to go out with friends, when you need to visit somebody and it is not possible to take your child with you, – trust us and we will not let you down.

Full-Time Nanny – If you need help for more than five hours a day this is the correct choice. Every morning your nanny will be available to you and you will know that your child is in secure hands.

Homework supervision – The ideal option for you if your children need some extra help with the school duties. If you do not have the enough time but your children need some help to perform the best way they can in school you can rely on us. This will be the right choice for you.

Mixed Mother’s Help & House Help – We offer you to present to us your criteria for the help you require from your assistant. We are flexible according to your needs. We can offer you irregular visits at different time or days that are more appropriate for you, we can provide flexibility in the services when the same person will help you in different needs – childcare, help your child to study and prepare for school, shopping, clean and prepare food for your child or family.

Through our sister companies we are now also able to offer you:

Surveillance of your property by cameras or/and security systems. If you require personal security guards for your home or your children, driving services if necessary with our vehicles to take to and from school your children when you are unable to do so.
Do not hesitate to share with us what exactly do you or your family needs and one of our consultants will do his best to offer you the most appropriate service at the most reasonable price.

Let us take care of your family and children’s needs.